Planting Seeds in the Hearts of Preschoolers

11 March 2021

Full-day preschool saves families thousands of rands a year in child care costs, but it costs the government R1.5 billion a year. What they found confirmed the long-understood benefits of center-based preschool, especially as compared to home-based care. Examining children’s vocabulary skills, the study found strongly positive effects on children enrolled in Eezi Kidz Preschool versus those who would otherwise stay at home.

Many parents ask whether homeschooling is preferred over preschool. Our answer is a resounding, no. Here at Eezi Kidz Preschool, we think preschool is very important for your child’s development. The reason being that three to five are the age appropriate time for your child to develop social skills. When working at home, there are no other children challenging your child to learn about themselves, forcing your child to use those in their community. The other challenge that they get when they are at a preschool are other adults. Other adults giving them new boundaries, other adults giving them cues, and different things from them. All of those things are great challenges for them and three to five is a perfect age for those to figure those things out. As they farther they go, the harder it is for them to figure those things out.

What kind of information should I share with the centre?

When selecting a preschool, consider these factors: safety, cleanliness, general curriculum, overall philosophy, cost, and location. Try to meet the teacher before making your selection and make an appointment to visit the classroom. Watch how the teacher interacts with the kids, talk with the teacher, and ask questions.

While in the classroom, pay attention to how the teacher runs the class and how the children respond to his or her direction. If the kids seem happy and interact well with the teacher, chances are good that the teacher’s classroom style will be a fit for your child as well.

We strongly believe that Eezki Kidz Preschool will check all the boxes you are looking for in a preschool.


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